We would like to invite you to the 38th annual conference on

Occupational, Process and Fire Safety

 The purpose of a two-day professional conference, held in Portorož, Slovenia, on May 31st and June 1st 2022, is to bring together experts from the fields of management and promotion of safety and health, including social and economic impacts of occupational safety and health, planning of work and production processes, process, fire and environmental safety. Additionally, the conference aims to facilitate the permanent professional training and the exchange of knowledge, to present the current situation, the latest discoveries and lessons learned and good practice, and to emphasize new and emerging risks, which could lead to improvement of the safety policy.

Authors are kindly invited to send the title and short abstract until March 21st 2022. Detailed instructions are available at http://www.posvet-otv.si.

Your participation will significantly contribute to raising the awareness of the general importance and culture of providing a safe, healthy, comfortable and successful working and living environment.

 Stay healthy!

 Ljubljana, February 22rd 2022

Organizing Committee

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